cool stores


Hermes Flagship Store, Miami
The French fashion design brand Hermes has opened a new flagship store in the Miami design district. The glass façade is clad with white steel rods which give a beautifully layered and dynamic shadow effect within the store. The tree that has been placed at the entrance has also been specially placed to provide shadow.

What we find cool: 
that the design takes into account that the sun always shines in Miami.

Maruhiro ceramics store, Hasami, Japan

In the flagship store of Maruhiro ceramics the new collection is shown off on a platform of thousands of coloured cups, bowls and saucers. No coffee or tea this time, just rock-hard concrete. Otherwise the whole thing will break apart.

What we find cool: 
that for 400 years pottery and ceramics have been made in the village of Hasami and that the platform is a look-back to this fact.

Rapha cycle club, East London
The cycle clothing brand Rapha has opened a new shop in an  old bank building in East London. By integrating a café and the organization of film evenings and 'cycle meets' the Rapha shops have become social meeting places for enthusiastic cyclists.

What we find cool: 
that a room has been set up in an old safe in the bank to test the clothing to extremes: the Rapha Vault.