Store in store

Tchai has been designing promotional concepts for brands since the early sixties. As well as store in stores we also work on projects such as inspiration shops and experience centres as well as floor and counter displays. We don't work with fixed methods and we treat all our clients as unique as everyone has their own personal desires.

Store in Store

Tchai will be there for you throughout the whole process of building your store in store concept. A dedicated team will manage the whole project and fulfil your wants and needs and reach your audience. A store in store is a fantastic way of getting your audience's attention, it should jump out at them and be something they will remember. Getting that store in store concept right is important as you'll often be competing with other brands who also have a space within the store. We have several work concerning store in stores such as Samsung and Plantventure.


If you'd us to work with you on your store in store project or if you're interested in any other promotional services we offer give us a ring on +31 (0)180 48 44 44 or e-mail us at If you're interested in what we do please have a look at our work.


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